Cyndie Spiegel x The Collective (of Us) + The Community (of Us)

Cyndie Spiegel x The Collective (of Us) + The Community (of Us)

A series that spotlights the inspiring women who are building inspiring things

Cyndie is is a Brooklyn-based small business consultant, speaker and all-around powerhouse. She is the founder of The Collective (of Us), a curated small business accelerator for women and The Community (of Us), which brings women together from different backgrounds and perspectives to discuss life through a year of deliberate conversations. Follow Cyndie here for more of her wise words and inspiration!

Cyndie is offering our readers one free month of membership to The Community (of Us) when they mention Tactile!

Why did you start your company?

I started my company because I knew that what I was doing in fashion was no longer aligned with what I believed in. When I started my company I didn’t fully know what my philosophy on life was. I just knew that working in fashion wasn’t it and I was going to give myself the space to understand what my philosophy was through creating my company.  


What was your most exciting day as a founder? What happened? Why was it the best?

I don’t know if I’ve had just one exciting day! I have a pretty good life and a pretty good job, so I would say my most exciting days are the ones when I’m meeting with people in real life. Whether it’s speaking at conferences, facilitating workshops, meeting up with folks on a retreat - it’s always better when they’re actually in person.

What is your biggest struggle in the hustle? (Be honest!)

Financing my business’ growth. There are lots of things I need to do to make my business grow that cost money, so making that work in the speed that I'd like without getting funding.

What is the item on your to do list that you wish you never had to do?

I wish I never had to follow up. I hate following up. Once I’ve decided that something’s done I wish it would just magically happen. It’s something I would never do if I didn’t have to with anyone for anything.


If there was a brand/marketing/PR genie that would hand you one achievement, what would it be?

I’d like to be featured in O Magazine! In fact, I wouldn’t mind sitting next to Oprah on stage and talking about my philosophy on life and my mission to empower 100,000 women to build BOLD businesses.

What is your favorite Instagram feed right now?

One that I’ve gotten hooked on is @energymuse. It’s all about demystifying the world of crystals.


What is an article you read / podcast you listened to recently that felt like the writer/host was in your brain?

I mostly listen to podcasts not about business. I find that I spend so much time in the world of business that the podcasts I listen to generally have nothing to do with any of that. An exception to that rule is How I Built This. One I really like is called Kind World. Snap Judgement is another favorite of mine. The Tony Robbins podcast (shoot me!) A new favorite called LeVar Burton reads. He used to have a show on PBS on Channel 13 when we were kids and this is an adult version of him reading his favorite stories. Also Peter’s podcast, specifically about yoga & philosophy.

Let's end on a non-work note! Favorite place you have ever been?

South of France, Reykjavik & Hong Kong.

CEO & Founder of Tactile